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Neighbourhood Plan

This Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by a dedicated Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

(a mix of Parish Councillors and local people) on behalf of Wessington Parish Council.

 The completed Plan was approved by Parish Council at a meeting on 5th November 2018 

and subsequently submitted to NEDDC for examination.

 The aim has been to consult and reflect the wishes and aspirations of everyone in the Parish.

North East Derbyshire District Council officers have assisted the group with technical matters; 

Locality and Awards for All grants and a Community Priorities award have enabled the group to get the assistance of a

neighbourhood planning consultant Helen Metcalfe - but the scope of the plan and its content have come from

within the community.

The power to produce a Neighborhood plan is a new power and we wanted to seize this

opportunity to work alongside North-East Derbyshire District Council as it prepared its new Local

Plan to help shape the future growth of Wessington Parish.

The size of Wessington village has increased by a quarter since 2012 and it will grow by a further

20% if all current planning permissions are built out. This Plan can’t stop further development in the Village

but the Neighbourhood Plan policies will influence the amount of future development up to 2033,

where it goes and its appearance, making sure it is of the highest quality 

and that it complements the existing character of the Parish.

We commissioned a separate study, the Wessington Village Appraisal to help define this special

character. This document is Appendix C of the Neighbourhood Plan but due to file size is a

separate document. (It is on the NHP web site).

The production of this Plan has not been easy, it has taken several years and lots of meetings but

we think the effort has been worth it to get a say in how Wessington Parish should grow over the next

15 years. Thank you for everyone’s contribution to the production of such a thorough Plan.

This document is a testimony of Localism in action.

Sam Beastall

Chair of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Submitted Neighbourhood Plan via Google Drive - Download here: Wessington NP SubV2.pdf

Size = 180Mb

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