Submission For Examination

Wessington’s Neighbourhood draft Plan was approved on Tuesday 19th June 2018 by the Parish Council and a 6 week

consultation began. During October we collated the responses from the short survey of the Parish and our statutory

consultees and tweaked the Plan accordingly.

The aim, to ensure the plan reflects the wishes and aspirations of everyone in the Parish. NEDDC officers have

assisted the group with technical matters; a Locality grant, Awards for All grant and a grant from Cllr Barry Lewis’s

Community Priorities Programme has enabled the group to get the assistance of Helen Metcalfe a Neighbourhood

Planning Consultant - but the scope of the plan and its content has come from within the community.

The Neighbourhood Plan policies will influence the amount of future development up to 2033, where it goes and its

appearance, making sure it is of the highest quality and that it complements the existing housing stock in the Village. 

On Monday 5th November 2018 the Parish Council approved the Plan, subsequently the Plan and several other associated 

documents were submitted to NEDDC for examination. A 6 week consultation period started on Wednesday 5th 

December, copies of the Plan and associated documents have been available to view on our website, at NEDDC’s office at 

Wingerworth, on the Mobile Library which visits Wessington and at Cllr Kevin Ryan’s home address Manor View 

on the Bottom Green in the Village. The consultation period finished on Friday 25th January 2019 and was followed by an independent Examination, those results are available on NEDDC's website.

Finally a Parish Referendum will take place in Summer 2019 for the Plan to become 'Made'

A big thank you for everyone’s contribution to the production of such a thorough Plan.

Submitted Neighbourhood Plan via Google Drive - Download here: Wessington NP SubV2.pdf

Size = 180Mb