Vision Statement

Wessington Parish will continue to be a safe, vibrant and friendly community in which to live, with easy access to the open countryside around the village and green spaces within it.

New development will be expected to blend in with the existing village and the houses will be of a size and tenure to suit the needs of people of all ages.

This growth will contribute to the vitality and viability of the village and will help to support local facilities but will be of a scale that reflects the village’s rural character.


  • Community Objective 1: To ensure that development minimises the impact on the landscape character of the Plan area, recognizing the value of long views and vistas and the rural setting of the village.
  • Community Objective 2: To ensure that new development is small in scale and reinforces the existing rural character.
  • Community Objective 3: To ensure that future housing growth provides a mix of house types particularly smaller dwellings to meet local as well as District needs.
  • Community Objective 4: To ensure development is designed to a high quality and reinforces the distinctive rural character of the village.
  • Community Objective 5: To maximise employment opportunities on the existing site to provide local employment and services for visitors and residents.
  • Community Objective 6: To protect, and where possible extend the footpath network within the village and across the Parish to improve access to the countryside and to protect local green spaces. To maximise the opportunities created by new development to add footpaths and green spaces where possible.
  • Community Objective 7: To seek opportunities to maintain and enhance the social and economic vitality of the Parish by supporting and expanding the range of services and facilities in the Parish.
  • Community Objective 8: To ensure that heritage of the Plan area is protected and, where possible, enhanced.
  • Community Objective 9: To seek solutions to the problems of speeding and road safety in the Parish and to ensure that these problems are not made worse by future housing growth.
  • Community Objective 10: To encourage developers to consult with the community early in the planning application process (at pre-application stage) via  mechanisms outlined in this neighbourhood plan.


“Good quality design is an integral part of sustainable development. The National Planning Policy Framework recognises that design quality matters and that planning should drive up standards across all forms of development. As a core planning principle, plan-makers and decision takers should always seek to secure high quality design”

Source: PPG Design (2015)